XO-LP // Laura Palmer
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Hand-painted watercolor landmarks.

Custom Watercolor Home Painting + Stationery

Custom Watercolor Home Painting + Stationery


A sweet illustration of your home, sketched, printed and watercolored: On stationery!

A perfect keepsake for new homeowners, a thoughtful wedding or anniversary gift, a great way to hold onto your first home. 

Here's how it works:

1. Place your order for your custom watercolor.
2. A follow up is sent to you requesting a photograph of your home.
3. I sketch your home, print a black and white illustration on watercolor paper and paint in the color.
4. That darling watercolor painting is scanned and printed on 30 crisp, white folding cards. (4.25x5.5inches) The cards are packaged with envelopes.

Your custom print and stationery are completed and shipped within 14 business days.

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