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Love Letters to a New Year.

Giving the camera a double thumbs up is encouraged.

Dear 30, 

I am basically a celebrity now. I was on LIVE morning television.
It wasn't breaking news like the Kimye baby (Thanks for telling me about that Jen. I didn't even know people called the couple "Kimye" but it makes sense), but for me, it felt like a pretty big deal. The folks over at Great Day couldn't have been kinder to this live tv rookie. Once I figured out where I was supposed to look, which admittedly took awhile and made me look a little like a jittery weirdo as the segment opened, things went pretty smoothly.  

Want to watch me talk postcards and drawings? Fast forward to the 40 minute mark. http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/34273541

best moment.jpg

When I watched the segment later in the day, I squealed when I saw my name pop up on the screen labeling me as a "Great Artist." (I shouldn't admit to squealing. But it happened.) Please pay special attention to how I refer to Jackie by name with the ease of a co-anchor (ish), that I make jokes that are only funny to me throughout, and the jewel of a television moment: the double thumbs up. 

KCWI Great Day.jpg

Thanks to Mike and the KCWI crew for getting me on the air in the early hours of the morning. And in turn getting me to the office early on budget-meeting-day. And Dad: It's not a tie, you're the best Dad I know. (Seriously. The Best.) Happy Father's Day.
With one five minute television spot-- I cross off #1.