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Love Letters to a New Year.

A month into 30: here's what I know about being a grown up.

Dear 30, 

Today is June 23rd. I've been 30 for a month now. Whoa.  Four babies have been born to friends of mine, I've worn sequins at least once, have eaten five hamburgers grilled on a gas grill, that I myself own, and have suffered at least 9 mosquito bites. I hosted my first party in the new roommate house, said farewell to a friend and hung art on the walls. I'm even writing this from a loaner couch we'll keep until the real couch finally arrives. Today I read the Bass Pro Shop ad in the Sunday paper. Some things have really changed a great deal since turning 30.

I love writing lists. (Surprised?) Especially lists about life lessons that I find to be funny and important to everyone (or important to me). This first thirty of thirty has been full of change, disruptions and newness. I think I'm trying to tell you that I'm about to crack an egg of wisdom on you, pretty sure that's a phrase. So here's what I've learned in month one of my new decade: 

1. Cable is so awesome. Seriously so awesome. I know that's silly and shouldn't be a life lesson, but oh man, I can watch so many things, whenever I want. Like right now, I moved from the yellow loaner couch and watching Chopped on DVR, to my bedroom, found Pitch Perfect on demand, and am folding laundry. It's like a live in a castle brimming with riches.
2. Now that I'm 30 I point out that I'm 30 all the time. "Now that I'm 30..." is a pretty common way to start a sentence. I am fairly certain I say it daily. 
3. Moving is exhausting. That's pretty much it. 

4. Backyard > Stoop
5. In college Blake and Seth used to say "They call it manning the grill for a reason, Laura." (Nope, not chauvinists, just college boys.) Well gents, you were wrong. I learned how to start the grill, even though I'm pretty much always afraid I'll blow up the garage by accident because of the propane thing of it all, and clean the grill and actually use the grill. We've cooked for a whole big group of friends in celebration of Chase and Chelsea, cooked some freshly caught Iowa trout en papillote (or in foil, same dif) and two pork loins. Now that I'm 30 I'm manning the grill, Blake and Seth. MANNING IT.

6. I am in a constant state of Chopped preparation. This sounds a bit on the crazy side, but seriously, what if Ted calls and says "Hey home-cook Laura, join the show for an episode" and I can't figure out how to butcher hamachi and can't even pronounce gochujang? I've spend a lot of time trying to memorize a basic donut recipe (see above for the sugary donut end result) and reading cookbooks like I'm studying. That's not really a life lesson, it's basically me admitting I'm a little odd.


So it wasn't 30 days of Earth shattering lessons, but it sure has been fun. The next 30 hold some pretty big adventures, including crossing off #14, #16, #17, and maybe, just maybe, finally cross off #24.
 Enjoy the week ahead. And let your hook be always cast. Or something really great like that.