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Love Letters to a New Year.

60 days into 30: We have Jalapenos!

Dear 30, 

July 23rd. 60 days into 30. I wouldn't say I've learned a whole lot about being a real-life-grown-up, but I sure have done a lot in these few weeks. Last month we talked about just how ready for Chopped I'm getting. In a rather insightful moment I shared just how awesome cable television really is and just how many channels I can watch. (Big revelations) 

Around this time 8 years ago (holy smokes, 8 years?) I was hauling my belongings in the gold Focus (RIP) from Iowa City to Des Moines. Honestly I was probably tearing up as I watched my home for four years fade into the horizon. Now I'm blogging from a loaner couch (yep. still the yellow loaner.) in a house with a yard and reflecting on the first 60 days of a new decade. 60 days sounds so much longer than two months. Just putting that out there.

MORE babies were born. Four healthy, beautiful babies. Three to one family. I saw over 1,000 miles of Iowa. I shopped the hell out of the JCrew Factory Outlet sale. I spent time 6 hours East with the fam, listened to 13 hours of a book on CD and filled our cabinets with a matching set of dishes. OH, and I landed my first wholesale account outside my state lines. Bigtime 30 days. Bigtime.

So just what have I learned in my second 30 days of 30? Oh man I'm so glad you asked.

1. I have a donut addiction. Not just the eating of the donuts. (Side note: Casey's strawberry donut. So. Tasty.) But also the making the donuts. For a recent Badowers dinner I made the foodie host some lime + green chile donuts. That's right, I'll put anything in a donut. I use a pretty basic starter recipe adapted from this one and then get creative. (butterscotch? raspberries? oregano? chives? banana peppers?) I smell a letter to donuts in the near future. 

2. Two really wonderful customer service representatives can almost help you forget about the terrible service you are receiving. Mediacom, while I appreciate the internet you provide me (and that I pay for) which I'm currently using to write this post, you aren't my favorite person right now. The kind customer service dude talked me off a ledge of anger, but in general, it's the actionable items that matter because talk is cheap.  When you say between 1pm and 3pm, I assume you mean it.

3. The JCrew outlet is a dangerous place meant only for fully stocked bank accounts and women who practice careful restraint around sparkly accessories and anything striped.

4. If you think to yourself "this sushi seems weird" while you're eating it, you should probably stop eating it. "Sushi" in this instance could really be any food. Just listen to your heart.

5. Despite what Tim says about it, The Newsroom is smart, sharp, witty and engaging. (All words I hope people use to describe me.) I can't stop watching it.

6. Finally, the most important lesson I've learned in the past 60 days: I watch too much TV. 

Onto the next 30. Enjoy the rest of July. I know I will.
 (In Milwaukee, in the kitchen making donuts, picking peppers from the backyard garden or watching TV-- you know what I'll be up to.) 




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