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Love Letters to a New Year.

Sunsets and Calmer Palmers.

Dear 30, 

Last week HBF took me out for a sunset picnic. Well I called it a sunset picnic. He called it "let's fishing at Big Creek with sandwiches on a Tuesday."  (Semantics)


What started with BAT sandwiches (BAT means bacon, avocado and tomato, not eating a bat. Do people eat bats? I need to know in case it shows up on Chopped.), ended up being a serene night with still, watery views. He fished. I ate watermelon and took an obsessive amount of photos. 

I tried meditation once. I think I actually just uncomfortably slept in the chair next to the man who clearly knew what he was doing when it came to mindfulness. I found the whole process frustrating, which is the exact opposite of what I was supposed to be feeling. To be honest I'm not a terribly relaxed person. (pull your jaw off the floor, it's not that surprising) Over the past few years I've consistently pledged to be a Calmer Palmer. I always pledge to be a Calmer Palmer.

As I sat on that dock, looking out on this waveless (man-made) lake as HBF roamed around with his fly rod, I was as quiet and tranquil as the lake, absorbing the sunset and enjoying the break in the humid air. I think I actually was relaxed. (now you can pull your jaw off the floor again)

I couldn't get enough of it. Clearly. I photographed every stage of sunset and documented every band of color that danced across the sky and reflected on the lake. It was really something to see. 

I'm calmed just sharing it with you. (And no. These aren't all the pics I took in the 2 hours we lounged on the lake. Believe it or not, there's more.)

Now. Let's breathe deeply together.  

 (the currently calmer Palmer)

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