XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

Lucky #11.

Dear 30, 


Now you can have XO-LP postcards delivered to your home, stamped and ready to send onto your childhood bestie, former club soccer teammate or that cousin in Scottsdale. Today I launch #11. All in.

Here's what to expect: 
1. Check out a three or six month subscription here.  [For you or as a gift.]
2. In October you get your first package of 3 postcards [with a few itty bitty surprises] then again in November and then December... you're with me on the monthly plan.
3. Each postcard included will have a stamp already in place. You simply fill out the card and drop it in the mailbox and brighten someone's day. 
4. At the end of three months you'll have 9 unique, postage-paid postcards encouraging you to #sendmoremail.

Check it out. Send your feedback. Share it with friends.
AND. Just for you. Plug in the code SENDMOREMAIL at check out and receive $5 off this week! Whew. This is exciting.


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