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Love Letters to a New Year.


Dear 31,

FOMO is something the kids are saying.

Fear of Missing Out.

With my winter hibernation in full effect, I can't say I'm suffering much from the FOMO these days, but I know the feeling and it's fun to say aloud.

Because this is a good use of time, we (Cat, Dani and I) put together a list of alternate definitions of FOMO. Enjoy.

  • Fear of Missing Oprah.
    (Oprah is missed everyday at 4pm Central Standard Time, everyday.)

  • Fear of Meandering Orangutans.

  • Fear of Multiple Obligations.

  • Fear of Making Oopsies.

  • Fear of Meaningless Operations.

  • Fear of Mystical Omens.
    (Clearly a reference to Dungeons and Dragons. Clearly.)

  • Fear of Mandarin Opera.

  • Fear of Making Origami.

  • Fear of Marlin's Outfield.

  • Fear of Meddlesome Optometrists.

  • Fear of Matching Outfits. 
    (Liz Lidgett: the fear is real.)

  • Fear of Mushy Olives.

  • Fear of Making Out.
    (Really? is this a thing?)

  • Fear of Macarena Outbursts.
    (Fear of? I don't know. Sounds exciting to me.)

Happy Friday! Maybe it be FOMO free.


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