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Love Letters to a New Year.

Sick Day, III.

Dear 30,

We're grown ups without Kleenex in our home. Two sick grown ups who are using toilet paper for the never ending sneeze fits. I just coated my ever-reddening nose with (thank you Birchbox) more Air Repair Rescue Balm, which means I'll probably sneeze again shortly. 


I've MacGuyvered a neti pot out of a measuring cup, downed a juice that included beets, garlic, wheatgrass and ginger, covered my face with a steamy towel, gargled salt water and downed some apple cider vinegar drink. But that's about all I've been able to accomplish. [A-Choo] My sinuses feel like a flame train is running through them that leaves a trail of itchy sneeze inducers. My eyes are puffy and pressured in their achy sockets. My joints groan, audibly, when I climb out of bed to comb the kitchen for more snacks. The insatiably hungry, sneezing beast with the swollen face, grouchy disposition and incredible bed head is actually me. [A-Choo]

We're three days into my sick bed and three days into my bracket. I assure you this is a coincidence. I'd much prefer to watch games with a beer in hand and clean hair. [A-Choo] Instead I'm whining about an intense allergy attack and falling asleep during the fourth overtime of the day. I did manage to stay awake for the Iowa State game. #hoguewild


I know. [A-Choo] I'm being a big baby. 

The good news: We have cable. It's my first March Madness with the miracle that is four channels of basketball. I could write an entire post about MediaCom's lack of customer service, but complaining about more than one thing in a post is tacky.  [A-Choo] I learned in the 5+ hours of bed time today that there is more than one Anaconda movie. There are enough of them to have a SyFy movie marathon. I'm specifically thankful for our neighborhood's Jersey Guys pizza and, today, super grateful Cosi Cucina's spicy (sinus clearing) ziti. [A-Choo]

What I can say the most nice things about, besides the basketball we've been lucky to watch, is HBF. He's sick too, but much better at it. He complains less and found time in the day to get us some Kleenex (and a bunch of drink options and snacks). He's patient. I'm just grumpy. Thanks, Kevin.

This is what most of the day looked like. This is real life.

This is what most of the day looked like. This is real life.

If you see someone who looks like me roaming the streets itching their eyes [A-Choo], holding a box of Vick's laced Kleenex and wearing a matted ponytail, it's ok. I'm on the hunt for snacks and hopped up on antihistamines. 


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