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Love Letters to a New Year.

Ah. Barracuda!

Dear 31,

We've made it to day four of the sunnymoon without a sunburn. That might be due to the overcast skies in the Keys, but we're still having a great time fishing from the Drop Anchor beach, making shrimp bait jokes and conversing about the similarities between tarpon and koi fish. (At least at the World Wide Sportsman shop they are... trolling for snacks, hanging out, voluntarily, in a semi enclosed feeding area.)

The view above is the ocean on this cloudy morning. We've found the full time Key dwellers are averse to these conditions, canceling fishing excursions and kayak adventures. We've managed to catch at least 5 different kinds of fish (I caught a bird with one of the fish I caught. We can all image how scary that was. The loon did not win my fish, however). One of the fish: a baby barracuda. We then saw a fellow hotel guest, that I now call Uncle Jellyfish, hold two baby jellyfish in his gloved hands while snorkeling. (Follow up note: Uncle Jellyfish was stung. And later Uncle Jellyfish befriended Kevin, like everyone else in the Keys has befriended Kevin. Everyone.)

On to the Southernmost Point in the continental US. (and wishing for clear skies along the way.) Another update soon...sending love from the FL Keys.