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Love Letters to a New Year.

Lady Makers!

Dear 30,

My mentors over the Business Record let me post this week's Lift IOWA guest opinion! That's right. I'm in "print." (But in the web way. And I'm so excited.)

"The Rise of the Lady Maker" addresses one of my favorite topics of late: creative businesses owned by women. 

In the last couple weeks of #goingsolo I've been working out the kinks of solo biz and wrestling with the issues I mention in this article: self-promotion, accounting for the right-brained business owner, building audiences and standing out in a market full of people who make things.

Having a great community of lady makers in Des Moines makes these challenges feel surmountable (or at least a little less scary.) 

Are you a Des Moines-er? Stop by Market Day's Super Summer Spectacular this Saturday and support these ladies who are making cool stuff. Are you a maker? Keep up the great work.

You matter and your work is so damn cool.

Write on.