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Love Letters to a New Year.

4/11 : Shake Up

Dear 31,

A delay in the action for day 4. (Our home internet is on the fritz annnnnd I might have passed out at 7pm and slept until morning.) We raced home to Muskie town on Saturday in time for this beautiful party and some much needed family time. The Eagles put together a lovely shower and the whole family, including the soon-to-be brothers, got to dine and Fireball together.

We sped back from Muskie to get to the State Fair for day four, which now will be known as the day a woman asked to feel my baby belly. (To be clear, I'm not at all pregnant. So that was special. I think I might retired this dress for awhile, and find myself walking that hill in front of the Cultural Center 3-5 more times a day.)

4/11 : Shake Up

Kevin joined me for end-of-day pick up and we did a bit of exploring before tearing down the spin-art station. We shared my first corn dog of the fair and fought over the sugary final sips of the Lemon Shake Up.

We toured the Department of Natural Resources building, checking out the huge rainbow trout in the aquariums (which made Kevin's fishing cravings worse and reminded me I've caught zero trout this summer.) I also found out there's a weekend course in April called "Becoming an Outdoors-Woman." Kevin might have secretly signed me up already...

And then we found these butterfly wings. One of my favorite fair finds so far. Seriously.

Another #fairlife day. Back at it this morning.


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