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Love Letters to a New Year.

2/11 : Big Daddy Bull

Dear 31,

Day two kicked off with a start. I shot out of bed realizing I'd slept through two alarms. But you know what: today was sunny and sunny is so much better than a misty coat of rain for 10.5 hours


The crowd on day two was sparse at 7:30am. But around 10am, good golly traffic was intense. (Backed up for about 1.8 miles, bumper to bumper minivans and pick up trucks.) My super rad parking pass took me right up to the Cultural Center and I walked into this perfect view of my city. Day two would be brighter than day one. On day two I would do what we came to do: make spin art, craft clothespin creatures and fill tiny bracelets with sand art. Oh and make 200+ children smile. 

2/11 : Big Daddy Bull

  1. The hills at the fair are no joke. I know, I'm out of shape. I know, I don't always wear sensible footwear. But my ankles are taking a beating. Can you noticably tone your calf muscles in 11 days? I'm feeling like such a heifer. 
  2. Hot Dads come in many forms. But all hot dads are great at being dads. Those hot dads were out and about at the fair today helping their sweet kiddos turn a plain ol' clothespin into a crazy alien and a colorful goggly-eyed dragonfly.
  3. Cows are really big. Even the non-super-bull cows are really big. They're tall and wide and seemingly bored all the time. I strolled through the cow barn between crafting shifts and nearly every cow was lounging, thwacking it's tail around and looking completely unimpressed. 
  4. Big Daddy, this year's Super Bull, weighs 3,012 lbs. A legit giant. Uncomfortably large, man.

I made sure to introduce myself to that people at the coffee spot (and dined on $1.75 side of sausage that included 3 patties-- bargain alert!) and found out that I can milk a cow in the Cattle Barn. (say what?) I found myself wishing Big Daddy, the bull, was actually called Big Poppa and marveled at the beautiful patterns on the hides of sleepy, taller-than-expected cows. 

Moooving along to day three.


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