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Love Letters to a New Year.

Happy Birthday #mondaypunday!

Dear 31,

Happy birthday #‎mondaypunday‬

40+ puns

I know it's not 52 puns. But hey, 40 is a lot (and that doesn't count some puns that didn't get the hashtag or were posted on a Thursday. Examples of additional punny-ness shown below) I took a little hiatus from the pun, but due to the critical acclaim it has received (from my cousin-in-law Drew Burch, Erica Carnes and Erin Bemis, respectively) #mondaypunday has become a routine, a habit, a must.

When three people specifically request it, you've officially got a fan base. (right?)

1 year later, the drawings keep getting cheesier.

Truly. One week I drew cheese and got a slew of hilarious comments that made me laugh until I camembert it any longer. I've used all the winter and snow puns up already. "A little chili" was the original #mondaypunday and still peppers my life with the giggles. Holiday puns are always a hit (think shamrocking your world around March 17th). But personally, pump up the jam still makes me want to high five myself for being so funny. 

So 365 days later I'm still obsessed with wordplay and have nearly double the instagram following- this can't be a coincidence. 

Have a great punday suggestion? Leave it in the comments. I promise to give you a writer's cred for contributing. 

Thanks for keeping the hilarity alive.



ps: coming soon- the #mondaypunday coloring book!


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