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Love Letters to a New Year.

On a roll.

Dear 31,

This weekend was just the total best. If you get XO-LP Weekly, please forgive me because I'm about to recycle content, but I'm not sure I can talk about all the feelings any better than I did on Sunday, but should you choose to read it again, there are a few bonus similes to spice up the prose. 

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I told you once or twice before that I'm getting married this year. Planning for the big day has been a real live roller coaster of all the feelings. All of them. I think my feelings have feelings at this point. For example: last night my eyes widened to kiwi size when I realized two facts: 1) February is Sunday. 2) February has 28 days. I know, these are things that are unchangeable (unless it's leap year) and facts that might seem insignificant, but time is really stressing me out lately. 

Some mornings I wake up and feel like the sun has sent sparkles through the windows, right onto my face, lighting the room with blissful bridal glitter. (FYI "blissful bridal glitter" is various shades of metallic. If you are building a metal image with me, this will help) I roll over and smile at my favorite person, that complex, handsome man who I'll get to call my husband in 6 (six!) short weeks and feel all the feelings, the invincible ones.

Usually he isn't actually laying next to me and sleeping, because I wake up around 7:30 (not the go getter I was back in Holiday winter, this is January winter, hibernation is key) Usually I smile at him when he brings me coffee and says something like "oh hey, you should be awake now" and that sweet sunlight makes his eye twinkle or something equally as romantic and silly.

And then there's the other days where I feel all the other feelings: the silly, overwhelmed by gazpacho choices, ring sizes and blue suede shoes feelings. 

After a week of bedrest (ps it was actually the flu), and more of the feelings, I got to spend my Saturday with a whole bunch of incredible women, my dearest friends (my role models, my sisters, my sweetheart-ed family) who have spent a lot of time witnessing my emotional amusement park of a year.

Roller skating at 31 is much different than roller skating at 9. My ribs are a little sore still (even though I really only skated while John, the limo bus driver, held my hand and walked me around the rink like a show pony). And there's fear involved, like fear of falling or fear of scuffing your new, pretty white roller skates. At age nine you only fear the couples skate.

With all these bad ass ladies around me, with these loving, caring and hilarious people around me: I felt all the most super-terrific feelings and exclusively super-terrific feelings. 

Being loved is just the most wonderful feeling, of all the feelings. 

And being loved while you are roller skating (poorly), dancing in an adult tutu and crying a little because you can't contain the love you feel for those around you: holy smokes those feelings could change the world. 

Know you are loved. By me and by so many. (and use that to change the world)

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