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Love Letters to a New Year.


It's here! November! Although it might not feel like it, Christmas is merely 45 days away!

I buried myself in work in October- hooray! Drawing a bunch of retirement dreams for my friends at Principal Financial Group. I brushed up on drawing hands, and spent a lot of time creating new ways to show a beachside retirement. 

I have emerged from a month of illustrating with 4th day hair and a few hand cramps, but so ready for market season.

November has always been a favorite of mine.

Midway through my year (I consider my birthday my own personal new year's day, of course, making November 23rd my half way point), I check in with myself, evaluate projects, start drawing all kinds of snowmen and, often, create a new challenge. 

Back when I was so young and far more ambitious, I would declare it YESvember. You know, an antidote to the winter blues. Basically I Jim Carey-ed my 30 days, pushing myself to say Yes and do all the things. Well. All the things are exhausting, so this year I've declared a new, simpler, less selfish (amiright?) event:


I can't 100% claim I made it up, but I did hashtag it last week in a twitter chat. So I think I made it up.

I'm sending a note a day in November. 

Join me. Write on Write on!

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