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Love Letters to a New Year.

Getting Funky.

Dear 31,

I've been a negativity slump. Maybe it's the cold, maybe it's because bride brain makes you worry about shoe styles and ink colors like they are real life problems, maybe it's because I'm being a big baby: but I've been in a funk. (and not the cool Mark Ronson kind) It's hard to admit, yes, but it's the truth. WOMP WAAAAAAH.

So when I woke up this morning and the house was COLD, I whined out loud. 

Jeriann told me it was going to be a frigid day, but that's outside the house, not inside. Our landlord suggested I check the batteries in the thermostat... which I had no idea needed batteries (don't judge). At 7:30am I can't say I'm very dexterous. I fumbled with the front of the white digital thing, wishing Kevin was there to help, wishing I wasn't so thermostat illiterate, wishing I had on a pair of socks, wishing this wasn't happening on top of everything. WOMP WAAAAAAAAH. 

Finally, after using tweezers like a tiny screwdriver on a part of the contraption that actually didn't need to be fussed with, I popped out the batteries. I can't tell you how bad ass it felt to figure out where the batteries go in the thermostat and hearing the heat kick back on after plugging in some fresh Duracells

I basically felt like I could singlehandedly change the world.

It might seem like an insignificant moment, because it kinda was, but that post-heat-fix feeling, it reminded me that I gotta get back on the wagon. After weeks of wedding stress and hibernation, it's time to stop WOMP WAAAAAAH-ing and scale the funk wall. 

Climbing outta the funk. 

Climbing outta the funk. 

The girls over at Being Boss knew just what to say. I'm whittling down my to do list with action items, and maybe just ONE THING that'll make this day terrific (and slow down the WOMP WAAAAHs).

Now that I got my "one thing" done for today (yay blog post) it's time to move onto the "high five extras."

What motivates you to climb outta the funk?

(Cue Mark Ronson)


ps- Check out the updated Market Day blog where I'm pumping out all kinds of new content.