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Love Letters to a New Year.

The Single Girl's Valediction

Dear 31,

Saturday I get married.

I'll be a super great guy's wife. I'm still not sure I've fully wrapped my head around this, but I do know that I couldn't be more excited. My darling friend Jenni said to me this week, "That's what your wedding is doing... Bringing out all the emotions... It's fun to step back and see where we have been and where we are going..." 

I feel that in a big way. The biggest. It's crazy to try to write a summary of the way life was before, the people who inhabited it, made it richer, made me stronger. It's crazy to try to put into words the decisions I made that I might not make again, the silly stories that led me to this moment. It's crazy to think about the number of times embarrassing, hilarious things happened to me. It's like the end of an era, again.

So I write this.

The Single Girl's Valediction

I know, I know. You're feeling defeat. 
  You're the "marrying kind of girl" 
With sweet eyes, a fiery spirit, a strong
  conscious and charmingly, two left feet. 

You've dated some real doozies, 
  and had your heart crushed by sweet ones.
You swore off adult blonde men, long island iced teas,
 and stopped hanging out with floozies. 

There have been those Sundays filled with real pain.
  Those nights you made that terrible decision and 
terrific choice, all in the same moment but yet
  you're spending the day criticizing your brain.

You'll push yourself to try new things,
  sit in your car and give pep talks to 
the rearview mirror and your reflection.
  At the bar you'll scan the bros for rings.

But you, single girl, feeling dejected,
  Your life is rich with so many joys
You'll find your best friends, you'll fill your
  kitchen with love and friendship. Don't feel rejected.

You'll one day meet that someone,
  who loves your messy hair, a person 
who let's you laugh and cry and
  dances outta the bar with you when you're done.

The best version of yourself will soar,
  your heart will feel it's fullest. 
You'll smile each morning and feel grateful
  for those days that challenged you at your core.

You see, single girl, the secret to happy
  isn't what you thought it'd be. 
You'll fall in love with you first, and then 
  you'll find this so less sappy.

One final high five to the me of the past,
  for all the highs, the lows and tears,
You made me strong and clever and bright,
  for that life buddy and a love that lasts.



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