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Love Letters to a New Year.

Basketball Jones.

Dear 31,

Tournament time is the best time. AMIRIGHT?

We got married (as you know) and then honeymooned at the Big 12 tournament. No. Seriously. 

The Hotel Sorella sent us champagne. Kevin and I ended up on ESPN with a man in a cardinal red suit. I had to silently apologize to the University of Iowa for my Iowa State fandom. I yelled "HONEYMOON" a lot (too much). We shamelessly took lots of selfie stick photos. I beat Kevin in at least 4 pop-a-shot games. The Cyclones won the whole shebang. If all this doesn't read "romantic post wedding get away," I get it. But oh man it was so fun. 

Speaking of Basketball Jones: Have you tried to watch Space Jam as a grown up?

Back in 1996, Jen and I were rocking the soundtrack hard and MJ was playing basketball against the MonStars. Just a month or two ago I landed on this Looney Toons "classic" On Demand and well, it's not that great 19 years later. Let's pause: 19 years ago. Holy smokes. 

On to tournament time, and more travels. 

Go State. #nazhands
(Forgive me Herky)

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