XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

Day 3: MO->KY->TN

369.2 miles

It rained, no, it stormed this morning. We woke up in the lodge (that smelled like Camp Sacajawea in a good way) to the sound of thunder. [insert fishing dream crushing noise.] Instead of fishing, we got on the road early and headed East. 

The miles felt longer than yesterday. Maybe it was the dreary rain, or maybe it was the winding Missouri roads. or it might have been the fact that Hwy 60/62 closed it's bridge. (FYI it is actually closed and the sign means it, even if you do decide to "see what's really happening" up the road a bit). But once we hit Paducah, Kentucky, things moved a little quicker. Question: what can anyone tell me about Cairo, IL? I have so many questions.

Tomorrow we hit all the shops in Nashville and continue east.
(Rain. Rain. Go Away.)