XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

Day 4: all the 'villes

260 miles.

After a night of Nashville-ing, we spent the morning hitting some amazing shops in Tennessee and then headed further East. (FYI- it rained, again) 


We met Patrick and Stephen at Hot & Cold, toured Imogene + Willie, found the Filling Station and marveled at Cadeau. We chanced upon a new friend at Burger Up and loved White's Mercantile. You nailed in Nashville. 

day 4.jpg

This day was my favorite so far, for many reasons, but a few to follow:

  • Pigeon Forge, TN had the most amazing, weirdo strip of mini golf, Titanic replicas and go karts I have ever seen.  
  • Today we saw a black bear. Like a legit bear in the wild, right when we entered the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.
  • A man named Sloth was hitchhiking to Gatlinburg. He rode in the back of a truck with a trio who told him all about Goonies. 
  • We had a great 1.75 hours of casino time that proved to be very lucky. And also watched a man double down on a $1000 bet when the dealer was showing an ace. (this was strange even to me...and my blackjack know how comes from the movie "21")

All of this and we're not even halfway through the trip... whoa. We're feeling like some pretty lucky adventurers. (and can't wait to get our morning fishing license to check out that river.)

Until tomorrow,