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Love Letters to a New Year.

Day 6: Georgia on my mind

394 miles.

Today, if I'm being honest, was a road weary day. I'm over this grey coated sky, tired of the clouds. It feels like we're dragging the storm front along with us. [weather rant ends now]

We debated Charleston and Savannah... and landed on GA (purely based on it's proximity to FL.) Back in my early art dream days I wished for admittance to SCAD. My art nerd dreams of slides featuring my cut paper collages and cards made for my high school boyfriend would wow the admissions team and I'd be a full-blown artist dwelling in Savannah. I never applied (boo), but today we spent an hour in that cloudy city meeting a few art students with varying opinions on their current home town. Either way, we snacked on some southern favorites and randomly heard "Georgia on my mind" on the radio. 

day 6.jpg

Until today we didn't know the Golden Isles existed here in Georgia. Thanks to a big atlas we've been using everyday and a sweet man at a fly shop, we settled on a night on Saint Simons Island. We pulled up to what we assume was the last hotel with a vacancy on the island, Ocean Inn, and immediately felt at home. A lighthouse overlooks the ocean across the street, Glenda offered advice for dinner spots in the village, just a block away. After cruising the pier and seeing a man catch an Atlantic Head shark. We chose the Half Shell (after I stalked their instagram and saw the "butter cake" special.) After snagging the last order of alligator wings we shared some sheepshead fish. Don't google the sheepshead. It tastes great but looks terrifying. 

Tomorrow we head to Sarasota to spend two nights (in a row! yahoo!) with dear family friends and (fingers crossed) some sunshine.