XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

Day 10: Rain Rain Go Away

366.7 miles.

My favorite parts of this trip have been the moments where Kev and I agree without knowing it. Where we make a group decision and no words are exchanged. When we decided to continue towards the gulf, despite the rain and the 1.5 hours it added to the route. When we pulled in to St. Marks Wildlife Refuge for a quick $5 detour and pressed our faces to the windows of the car hoping to see an alligator. When we pulled into Port St. Joe and without discussing it, booked a room for not one night, but two. Because, well, SUN.

(Honestly, it's for the sun, the beach and the fishing. And because we're feeling a little like real life #nomadlyweds)

We've extended the trip and dreaming and scheming a big plan for our life ahead. Cheers to exploring. Right?