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Love Letters to a New Year.

That Overnight Success

I was convinced it would magically work. You know, like all the overnight successes. 

31 years of art love + 10 years of sales experience
Illustration talent + 4 years of blog writing
A fancy new squarespace site + Cheerleader friends & mentors
A supportive husband + A sense of humor

Doesn't this look like a verbal equation for monster internet traffic and powerhouse sales? I sure though it did. I thought I had it figured out. We spent an evening at the Star Bar back in May 2014, penned a mini business plan on a napkin. (How all great biz stories begin.) There in smeared blue ink were goal numbers. I listened to other entrepreneurs offer advice, spent a lot of time at home building content, planting greens and plotting my postcard takeover. 

I carried that napkin in my wallet for a few weeks, boldly put in my notice at my full time gig and took up a part time job to pay the bills. When the holiday season swept in with weekly markets and holiday cards, I let go of the part time income and finally, November 1, 2014, went solo, for real.  

That equation was, in retrospect, thoughtless. 

It's a brutal realization 6 months later, but that equation was thrown together over beers and left on that napkin, in my wallet. What I didn't know in January, or maybe what I knew but chose to ignore (because wedding) was that my equation, while somewhat helpful and very lovely to consider, was just a list of certainties. I needed a list of plans. I needed a list of actions. 

#goingsolo is hard work.

I'm not saying this to complain. I'm so damn lucky to have this life and the freedom to pursue it. I'm saying this because it's honest. I sleep a little less, stressing about finances. I dream more, vivid dreams with twisty plot lines. I wake up earlier, drawing at the first sight of sun. I work every Sunday, free of email distractions. My equation didn't include some of the most important, difficult parts of #goingsolo.

Hard Work + Creativity + Hard Work+ FollowThrough + Hard Work

I'm not claiming to be a #goingsolo genius. Far from that actually. I'm lucky to get to take a run at a dream I've had since 1988. I'm lucky to be married to a dude who's letting me try. But what I've learned since November 1, 2014: #goingsolo isn't about lucky.

It's about work: hard work, creative work, excellent work.

My point is, I'm trying to keep growing. I'm trying to build up some inner confidence. (because you know, it's contagious.) I'm trying to draw daily. I'm trying to sell. I'm trying to work hard. I'm trying to find my success. 

Now. Back to work.