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Love Letters to a New Year.

Ready for this Jelly[fish]: 5 bits of beauty

Jellyfish are hypnotic. 

We recently returned from another #nomadlyweds adventure in Northern California and had the chance to check out the Aquarium of the Bay. Walking through underwater tunnels and the petting zoo* parts were really incredible, but my favorite was stepping off the elevator into a dark room lit by the light of the jellyfish tanks. I stood, jaw dropped, staring into the tanks, pressing my face as close as I could without actually smooshing my nose. These semi-scary creatures fascinate me. (These are my snapshots above... 3 of about 40.)

This weeks bits of beauty is devoted to these graceful, globular, stinging sea babes. 

PS: If you haven't seen this video yet of Palau's Jellyfish Lake... you must watch. Prepare to relax. And wish you were flying to this island next week. 

*We got to pet stingrays, starfish and if he swam close enough to us, a shark.