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Love Letters to a New Year.

What I Totally Loved in February

February has been packed full- and dramatically different that this moment in time last year (oh hey wedding stress).

29 days this year. A special bonus 24 hours to draw, to high five, to snuggle, to dance it out and make dinner. You know, all the important stuff.

Let's talk about all the things I loved on in February:

Border Grill

I'm drooling as I type the words "carne asada quesadilla." I stumbled into Border Grill in the Forum, tired, over-shopped and wishing for a place to dine alone that didn't feel like I was on display.
Not only did I have the most delicious food, I also had the kind of service that sticks with you (enough to blog about it, and tweet about it, and draw pictures of it.) I leafed through the illustrated pages of a cookbook and marveled at the work of artists Huntley & Muir. (Thanks Jen. You went above and beyond.) New biz goal: my drawings in a cookbook. and on a wall. and etched into wood. 

Seth Godin on Tim Ferriss

I mean, two dudes who totally know their biz, chit chatting on a podcast, pretty typical. But Seth, well, I actually read the show notes afterwards to make sure I can load up my life with his wisdomy gems. 

Locally Grown Baby Goods

A little selfish, I know, but I'm so excited to see my lil illustrations on these soft and cuddly baby onesies. What kiddo wouldn't look darling in this locally grown get up?

Murder Ballad

Sung-through, in your face, aggressively vice driven and tucked in a new, hip venue right here in my hometown? It's called Murder Ballad. That alone should interest you. Four talented locals dazzled us... and while it took awhile for me to settle into it (admittedly) by the end of it I felt uncomfortable- which for me is always a sign that I saw something good. 


In search of a "thinner weight" pen with a big ole selection of colors, I landed on these beauties. They feel like pencils: light, yellow and shade-able. "Europe's #1 fineliner."

Scotch & Soda

I'm almost willing to let winter linger because of this coat. Sigh. Thank you Las Vegas for bringing it into my closet. 

What were your favorite parts of February? Any super service restaurants I must check out? Illustrators you're loving on?

Share the wealth. 

Happy Bonus Day!

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