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Crushing Hard: Illustration Hearthrobs

These illustrators would grace the cover of Teen Beat* 

You know, if Teen Beat focused solely on swoon-worthy artists.

Claire McCracken is a line master.

Her work is simple, elegant and each dash of her pen feels purposeful. As someone who struggles with drawing any human form, I'm particularly impressed by her portrait work. She's a young lady who's really doing big things- illustrating for Bon Appetit mag on the regular. 

Veronica Grech has command of color.

Living in Spain, this award-winning illustrator uses shape and colors with such ease. I'm so drawn to her work, it's charm. I'm a fan. She's all over the editorial world doing digital drawings for everything from Family Circle to The Washington Post

More illustration stunners coming next week. For now, Dive into Claire and Veronica's work. let these ladies dazzle and delight you.

*Fact: Teen Beat closed up shop in 2007. Sad. Were all the Kardashians born yet? Did they ever get to be in Teen Beat?