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Crushing Hard: Illustration Stunners

You recall last week, talking about the Teen Beat finale and two gals with stellar illustration portfolios. Well we're back, ready to crush on another gal with some seriously good-looking work.

As all of you do, I aimless scroll Instagram all too often throughout the day. Skimming my feed (which we all know has changed, enough already), smiling at my friends' babies, cool photos of dinners, the occasional inspirational quote, but THIIIIIISSSSS gal had me burrowing into the archives of her feed, instantly.

Carolyn Gavin


Now that it's April, I'm craving vases of tulips and bright bursting daffodils lining the Beaverdale streets. 

Carolyn's vibrant work brings forth all the joys of springtime. Lush hues. Dreamy blooms. It's perfection. 

This has me wishing I could get more free with my lines. Step outside beloved my black Paper Mate Flair and get gestural and pretty with my work. 

Springtime is a great time to get experimental with your art. 

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