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Love Letters to a New Year.

Teacher Appreciation Week!

We all have one. That teacher that, for better or for worse, changed something in us. 

There are those that challenged the way we see the world and by doing so, added so much beauty to it ('sup Aviya!).

There are those who pushed our limits, made us reconsider our path and ultimately became fuel to follow our dreams. (Iā€™m talking to you, Mrs. 7th grade Art Teacher- I DID become an artist, despite your B you gave me. And if you are listening, Sister Jean Margaret, even though you thought I pushed too hard with the crayons- I still use them to this day, but more judiciously.)

Then there are those who stick with us, taught us something that continues to drive the way we approach adulthood (Barbara Biesecker, Beth Hetzler and Sister Elia, you matter.)

Next week is "Teacher Appreciation Week."

Get out there and tell the educators in your life just how much they matter. Because they matter. A whole lot. 

I've put some free printable thank you notes HERE.