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Mei Pak on Attention Grabbing Subject Lines. [Pitchfest, Vol. 3]

A quick week off of #pitchfest while my sweetheart and I explored [and worked] in New york city, but we're back in action today with another expert. 


What makes her a pitch expert?

In addition to running a community website filled with great resources for creative entrepreneurs, Mei runs her own creative biz. Her line of sweet jewelry, Tiny Hands, is as charming and cute as Mei herself. By working on both sides of the creative coin [sales + creating] Mei is a bonafide pitch expert with loads of experience. 

What I think is super about Mei.

Any gal who can make a teeny, tiny cupcake you can wear as a necklace is super, in my opinion. These little delights grace the shelves of hundreds of stores across the world- making Mei a creative gal I sure do look up to. 

Where can we find Mei on the internet?

Tiny Hands: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest
Creative Hive Co.: InstagramFacebookTwitterPinterest

How do you describe your job?

My job is fun, intellectually challenging and incredibly rewarding. I outsource a lot of tasks in both my businesses so that I can spend my time working on doing strategic marketing. That's important because marketing is what brings in traffic and sales. 

What do you like most about your gig?

I love that I can set my own hours and take time off whenever I want. I have freedom in so many ways. Ultimately I love that I can build an empire without an income cap, which means eventually I'll have freedom from money!

What's the toughest part of your gig?

Running your own business is the hardest thing ever. You make your own decisions and you don't answer to anyone but yourself and the people who're counting on you for your support. 

Now let's talk about the pitch...

The best pitch you ever sent included this super thing:

Mei's definition of sales. 

Mei's definition of sales. 

The best pitch I ever sent was to Creative Live and even though the email itself took under an hour to compose, I had taken days to research my unique angle for my pitch. What classes could I teach that wasn't already available on Creative Live? How could I stand out and offer something different? My pitch included a few ideas that were fresh and that helped me get on to teaching there!

The best pitch you ever received included this super thing:

It wasn't one particular pitch, but more of the process the person took to get my attention and interest that made it the best pitch I received. I shot her idea down in her initial pitch since it wasn't aligned with what I was currently doing. She persisted and followed up with other ideas and eventually we went on to make $4,000 together in a 48 hour period. 

What makes a total pitch?

A great subject line, an attention grabber in the first line, an introduction to who you are and what you do and a clear call to action. 

Top secret tip for a pitching beginner?

Take your time to research who you're pitching to and why. Think carefully about why they should care and communicate that to them. Winning at pitching is not about how many pitches you can send in an hour, but more about how you can send the best pitch to that one person. 

What makes you feel most confident?

Experience is the best confidence booster. To get it, you just need to get your hands dirty and do the work! Even if you're afraid of being rejected. You always come out a better pitcher (and person) in the end. 

What are your favorite resources on the internet?

My FTEC (Full Time Etsy Crafters) team! They are the most generous, smartest and caring people.