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Liz Lidgett's secret pitch weapon. [Pitchfest, Vol. 4]

A special edition #pitchfest today! Let my dear friend crack an egg of knowledge on you with this one. 

Liz Lidgett.

What makes her a pitch expert?

Liz and her biz have taken the internet by storm. She has a great eye for trends- making her excellent at her job. As an art advisor, internet television host, and stylist, she is a modern day Renaissance woman. I would describe Liz as bold, brave and graceful: a combo that makes her an excellent pitch crafter. She's fearless. And fearlessness is an invaluable trait for the best pitchers.

What I think is super about Liz.

Truth be told, Liz is one of my very favorite people. She's a serious go-getter, a business owner and crusader against bare walls. She's bright and thoughtful, relentlessly going after what she wants. I often ask myself, when I'm feeling down about business, "what would Liz Lidgett do?" Reminding myself to buck up buttercup and push myself to pursue this path I've chosen.

To put it simply, my friend Liz is amazing. Girl's got moxie. 

Where can we find Liz on the internet?

LizLidgett.com for weekly updates on projects.
AdoreYourWalls.com, her online art advisory service.
On Instagram at @LizLidgett
AND a super cool video series with Better Homes & Gardens called The Art Hunter

How do you describe your job?

I help people find the perfect piece of artwork for their style, space, and budget. My passion is connecting people with art. I want to take the elitism out of the art world and show people that they don’t have to be millionaires to start an art collection. I’m constantly trying to expand and evolve my company to spread that message and passion.

What do you like most about your gig?

The variety of ways I've been able to work with my passion. Through my role as an art advisor, I work with magazines to produce and style shoots, I work with companies and homeowners to build and curate collections, I freelance write and I work as a video host. I love each and every "hat" I get to wear because I get to be creative in a whole variety of ways.

What's the toughest part of your gig?

I'm told "no" on a daily basis. I'm always dreaming of new and exciting ways to bring my passion and my story to a new set of eyes. Because of this, I reach out to potential partners or magazines or websites with an idea. So many times, I am told "no" but I keep going until I am told "yes" because I believe in the work I'm doing. If you're dedicated and passionate and good at what you do, people will take notice eventually. Stay true to your goal and your ideas. Fall down seven times, get up eight. 

Liz Lidgett's definition of sales.

Liz Lidgett's definition of sales.


The best pitch you ever sent included this super thing:

The best pitch that you can send will be personalized to that magazine or that company. Do your research. Don't copy and paste the same idea over and over again. Show how your idea is specific to their readers or customers. 

What makes a total pitch?

Research. I can't stress it enough. Do NOT ask questions that can be found on their website. Don't pitch a story idea that they've already done. If you can find the information, look at which articles are being read and shared the most for them. Think of ways you can tie in sponsorship. Your pitch needs to benefit that website or magazine. Bring them something they need. 

Top secret tip for a pitching beginner?

Sign up for the XO-LP newsletter TODAY and I'll send you Liz's rad tips on using LinkedIn successfully.

Sign up for the XO-LP newsletter TODAY and I'll send you Liz's rad tips on using LinkedIn successfully.

LinkedIn. It's part of your research but make sure that you are pitching the right person. LinkedIn has been my secret weapon. I'm on it daily researching and reaching out to people.

What makes you feel most confident?

Beyonce songs. That, and seeing my clients after a project is complete and they love their artwork and their rooms. The joy of a job done well gives me the confidence to keep going to the next. 

Special Edition Bonus!

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