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Love Letters to a New Year.

Creative Fuel #3

Creativity comes in all forms. 

The sun falling over the edge of the earth while you watch from a Floridian pier. Your husband's celebratory dance moves after you win big on roulette. A bluejay landing just outside your window and puffing out his chest.  

So what's fueling my creativity this week? Let's talk about it. 

Adam J Kurtz

This perfect little quote above, handwritten by the talented hand of the brilliant Adam J. Kurtz is currently my desktop wallpaper. The sentiment is beautiful, as is Adam's work. 



I am not sure that there are many things more inspiring than the colors of the sun. As it rises, as it sets and all the in between: hooray for Vitamin D.

Guatemalan Textiles

The bright colors, playful patterns and handmade quality of these fabrics are everything. We bought a few last Spring in Belize... Anxious to return for a textile refill, and to see that perfect water again. 

What's fueling your creativity right now?