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Love Letters to a New Year.

New Year's Eve for the Kids

New Year’s Eve is a party night!

There are sequins, champagne and late nights— and there are kids with early bedtimes.

This year we’ll be ringing in the new year (or at least 9pm) with some of our favorite people under 8. With them in mind, I put together some printable color pages fit for partying like a kid.

Document the best parts of 2018 with this little list of favorites.

For example, my friend Betts, who is nearly five, shared with me that her favorite book was “A puzzle book. Which is a book with puzzles” And when asked by her mom what her favorite tv show was this year, she said “Come on Mommy! You know it’s Sofia.”

Want some fun placemats for a festive new year table?

Print these, add some crayons to the table and you’ll have busy hands for at least 32 minutes. Need a way to document New Year Resolutions? How about this “Wishes for 2019” printable.

Want a fun interactive “game” to play at dinner? These prompts from Alice and Lois are perfect. (and free!)

And because the kids aren’t the only ones who get to color— Print these FREE wine tags, color them and tie one on. Add a little pizazz to your NYE hostess gift.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!! May it be safe and festive.

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