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Love Letters to a New Year.

Word to your Mother.


Happy Mother's Day!

Many of the best people I know are mothers.

They are raising humans with strength and special care. They are bettering the world, and imploring their children to do the same. They are the picture of patience, even when they think they've lost their minds. Moms are pretty special people. 

My mom is stylish, the actual best hugger in the world (seriously, let her hug you, see if you've ever had a better hug), and compassionate. She is hard-working, very funny and open-minded. My mom makes me a better human.

To all the women in my life, and yours, who nurture us, lift us up, support and mother us: You matter. 

Word to your mother. 

If you have lil ones, or adults who like crayons, and want to color together on this Mother's Day, CLICK HERE to find a free pretty page here.

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