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Personalized Stationery Sets and Stationery Gifts: A Sweet, Affordable Gift Idea

I’m constantly in search of a thoughtful gift.

What makes a thoughtful gift?

  1. A gift that shows you pay attention, you’ve listened or that you “know” the recipient. There’s a nod to a band they like, a hobby or even a color that you know they love to wear.

  2. A gift that shows you prepared. You know, it’s not in a Walgreens bag with the tag still on it.

  3. A gift that has personality. Something that you can’t just get anywhere.

…and let’s be honest, if it’s thoughtful, affordable AND easy to gift… where can I buy it?

My most favorite thoughtful gift? Personalized stationery sets. Available in the XO-LP Shop.

Personalized Stationary Sets for Weddings

As a married person, I understand the value of the gift registry. But let’s say you want to go a little rogue (don’t fear me brides, I promise I have your best interest at heart.) Take these sweet ampersand notes. Add the names of the newlyweds, packaged with a book of stamps, a couple fancy pens and you have yourself an very memorable gift. (Bonus: add a gift card to a wine shop. A great red makes those thank you notes flow.)

Personalized Stationary Gift Sets for Birthdays

In my humble (paper-loving) opinion, you’re never too young for your first set of personalized stationery. I know the kids might not think that notecards are rad, but you’re sure to score points with mom when gifting these colorful unicorn cards. Need a more sophisticated set? XO-LP has options that will appeal to so many friends— with a special emphasis on my home state, Iowa.

The Perfect Holiday Gift

We all have an endless list of gifts to buy over the holiday season. You want the gifts to feel personal, but you don’t have all the time in the world. (It’s harsh, maybe, but it’s honest.) The best part about custom stationery is that it’s both useful and thoughtful. Great recipients include: that tough to buy for mother-in-law, your coworker who you don’t know that well outside the office, your kids’ teachers or your mentor. Or yourself. I firmly believe that a gift to yourself around the holidays is a must.

XO-LP personalized stationery sets and stationary gifts comes in many styles from excavators to florals. Get yours today in the shop.