XO-LP // Laura Palmer


Love Letters to a New Year.

The XO-LP Party Wall

We celebrate babies, weddings, anniversaries, galas and everything in between. The pressure to prep the perfect party is at an all time high (thanks Pinterest). But we all know that celebration is really about being in the present moment… and then putting that moment on Instagram. 

Sure, you could go all-in on a full Pinterest party. Or you can let XO-LP take some of that stress out of planning and give you a memory making piece of wall art that's sure to get all the "likes."

An XO-LP Party wall is a lightweight, affordable, can-hang-it-anywhere piece of art that is a step and repeat, a photo booth backdrop or a colorable table cloth. It’s a simple, memorable party accessory.

Comprised of three illustrated paper sheets, an XO-LP Party Wall measures 7ft x 6ft when the paper is hung side-by-side. Each sheet measures 2ft x 7ft individually. The Party Wall is printed on a large-scale blueprint printer on durable, lightweight paper. It’s simple to hang with masking tape— I know, that easy.


Have a party coming up? Let’s make you an XO-LP Party Wall!