Love. Letters.

There's nothing sweeter than a good old fashioned love letter. 

I've spent a lifetime writing letters: handmade cards to my grandmother, postcards to Sara from all the edges of California, thank you notes, holiday cards, etc. One of my 2017 goals: 1 letter a day.

But they don't write love letters like they used to... darling bits of prose dedicated to their recipient, penned on beautiful papers, sealed thoughtfully and sent through the mail. These days we click send after tip-tap-typing a sentence. [Long time blog followers might remember this post, way back in 2010, about the value of letters, the history found in correspondence and my personal mission to save the Postal Service. Oh and that PKN Presentation I did on the subject.]

In the spirit of Valentine's Day [a favorite holiday of mine] let's fawn over some beautiful love letters of the past... and write one of our own. 

A love letter from Governor Reagan to his wife, Nancy. 

A love letter from Governor Reagan to his wife, Nancy. 

Love letter from Mark Twain to his wife, Livy.

Love letter from Mark Twain to his wife, Livy.

Love letter from Johnny Cash to June.

Love letter from Johnny Cash to June.

Want more love letters? Me too.

Are you ready for some football?

It's just about time for the big game. Warm up your crockpot, dust off your pompoms and start marinating those chicken wings.

OH- and here's some free stuff.

Click to download your free game day coloring page. Use it as a placemat, a way to keep the kiddos (or the non-football fans) busy until the buffalo dip is on the table or to destress when your team falls behind. 

Want more big game party bits? 

Snag these BINGO cards for a fun way to play on Sunday.

[Each set includes 4 different cards. So download, print and play all day.]

All Over the Interwebs: On Reading

Hello bookworms! 

Isn't it a goal for us all? Read more.

With the bingeworthy television we have access too (I see you Stranger Things) it's tough to crack a book rather than grab the Apple TV remote and settle in for a marathon. Especially in the winter time... nothing better than a La Croix, a bag of pretzels and a damn fine Netflix binge. 

This year I've pledge to read 28 books (a big upgrade from last year's 5) and so far, I'm keeping up my promise to book more and binge less.

As I scour the interwebs for book recommendations, here's a few links I've found about (1) the benefits of digging into a good book and (2) all the best reads of the year.

What reads are you digging right now? Leave your recommendations in the comments.

Oh one more thing: I've been using the hell out of the Des Moines Public Library's online library. This post from last year sums it up. Thanks for the free resource for great books. 

Here's what I've been reading in 2017. 


Fact: Exploring others in your field doing bad ass things makes you better at doing your own thing.

Monica is a painter/illustrator/artistic spirit who layers color to build images of classy ladies. Bonus: she has beautiful penmanship. Monica's work has been featured in magazines (even on covers!) and her Insta feed is an inspired mix of art and life. Check out her work here.