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Love Letters to a New Year.

Blizzard. [Winter. We get it.]

Dear 30,

Winter. We get it. You're loud and proud and full of wind and snow and uncomfortable driving conditions and high heat bills. 

I'm craving the outdoors.

Feeling the way I do? I know you are if you don't live in Santa Barbara. (Drought it out, man. Sorry to hear about the wonky weather out west, but I miiiiight trade you places. I miss the sun.)

This week I'm giving away a package of XO-LP goods that remind me of sun and summer and natural sources of heat. (Don't expect fire logs or dryer sheets, expect paper goods featuring drawings of fish and suns and hot colors.) So these sweet scribbles might not heat your home in the dead of winter (I mean they could, if you burn them, but I'd prefer you didn't), but they are guaranteed to make you giggle

Want to win fish towels and a stack of greetings you can send to warm the hearts of your friends and family?
Here's how this works:

  • Drop a comment and tell me how you stay warm in January (a month in which we pretend Winter is almost over, but it's not. <emoji sad cat face>)
  • Get up on Facebook and like XO-LP. You'll be entered to win a bonus time, plus you'll get to see illustrated puns pop up in your feed with regularity.

On February 1st we'll choose a Winter Winner and if it's you, you'll have a set-o-fish towels and hot cards sent, with the appropriate level of postage, right to your home.

Stay warm. Enter to win. Turn on that space heater.

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