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Introducing: Impact cards

A collaboration between Hitha Palepu of Hitha on the Go & Laura Palmer of XO-LP.

What are they?

Giving gifts should be a meaningful experience for both the gift giver and the gift receiver. We live in a world where Tickle Me Elmo is more popular than The Red Cross, and we think that's nuts. An Impact Card is a small way that we can change the world. But a donation receipt and a small card just doesn't seem good enough. That's how we can help.

How can I gift impact?

  • You make the donation, however you'd like - online, via check, or cash. [Here's a list of non-profits we love to help you get started]
  • Order at impact card to fit the occasion.
  • Fill out the impact card for the person you're gifting the donation to.
  • That's it!

Who are we? where do we gift impact?

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Meet Hitha Palepu

Hitha is a writer and entrepreneur. She runs the website Hitha On The Go and authored How To Pack: Travel Smart For Any Trip, which was published by Clarkson Potter earlier this year. When she's not writing or working, Hitha is chasing after her toddler son, traveling, cooking up a storm, or reading a book. She not-so-secretly loves the Philadelphia Eagles and Taco Bell. 

Hitha's Favorite Charities Include:


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Meet Laura Palmer

A lifelong Iowan who values a philanthropic spirit, the U.S. Postal Service and a thoughtfully handwritten note, Laura started XO-LP in 2009 producing illustrations made with highlighters, markers and wit. In 2014, she went from full-time fundraiser to full-time illustrator, a dream she's had since creating her first hand-made greeting card in 1988. 

Laura's favorite charities include: