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Hire Laura Palmer, Iowa-based illustrator.

Hire Laura for a Project

Did you know Laura does custom illustration? 

Competitive rates, high quality work, charming artist. 

How can you use custom illustration to jazz up your business, your correspondence, your everyday life? (I'm so glad you asked.)

There are lots of ways we can work together to personalize your printed and web materials with custom illustrations from XO-LP:

  • Your blog needs a lil illustration for a post about home buying.

  • Your company needs a holiday card.

  • You need some darling custom stationery.

  • You want beautiful prints to send to your clients.

  • You need invites for an upcoming party.

  • You want an attention grabbing cover photo for your Facebook page.

  • You need to have the perfect drawing for your wedding invite (or a postcard to gift your guests).

  • You want to send a truly thoughtful gift to a friend.

  • (The possibilities are endless, you guys.)

Fill out the form. I will get to work on making you something special. I can't wait.

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Projects are priced based on a standard hourly rate.

Each hour of work includes 1 round of edits. Additional edits required additional paid hours.

Projects are assessed and once cost estimate is agreed upon, work begins. XO-LP diligently documents hours and updates clients along the way. I strive to work collaboratively, efficiently and creatively to produce high quality work that achieves the client goal while maximizing their budget.