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A Love Letter History.

Minnesota, eh?

Dear 27,
A little getaway to Minneapolis was quite a lovely adventure. I saw so much the city had to offer. So much. Lucky to share the weekend with a damn great companion. Like the best of companions.

We ate at Chino Latino and learned that while this place is super cool...it may actually be cooler than I am. Delicious food, fun atmosphere, and potentially depressing fortune cookies.
(borrowed from http://mspccelite.wordpress.com/)

The Hotel Minneapolis is absolutely delightful. (And FYI- it's now a Marriott property)

Morning at the Town Talk Diner with the most delicious english muffin I've ever tasted. Homemade with rosemary in it or something. Wow. It was good. Not as good, however, as the kind and talented bartender who made drinks that seemed like art...housemade bitters, sprinkles of citrus, basil oil...Definitely a highlight of the trip!
(A tiny picture of the Jackson Pollock.)

Finally went to The Walker
(sorry Walker, you aren't as cool as the DMAC, but I did enjoy you, despite the fact that free admission day brought out a bunch of people, making the art less easy to appreciate and causing a bit of overcrowd-ness discomfort for me),
checked out Treehouse Records
(where I felt like it was more of a museum than the Walker, filled with history and music and people who love music and making me wish, again, that I worked at Empire Records. The movie of course),
ate at the Bulldog
(not your typical bar food but the fries, spicy.)

... and topped the weekend off with a show at First Avenue-- She & Him.
(Thank you the people who filmed this. And YouTube.)

This was my favorite moment of the show...but must say it wasn't the most exciting show ever. Like I said-- good travel companion made it more fun, but I was a slight bit disappointed. There was a lot of "stop taking pictures of me" from Ms. Zooey, which made her seem a little less cool and mellow, still has great style and sings well, but didn't win points from me. M. Ward is absolutely impressive and slightly sexy. The ladies in the crowd howled each time he opened his mouth and barely uttered a harmony.

***Added side note. after reading this (found 7/13) I sort of think M.Ward is less hot. Although both She & Him appreciate a show that involved my namesake, I'm not sure we could be friends.****

Anyway-- Minneapolis rocked. I'd say June of 27 is off to a great start.