XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.


Dear 27,
So much to report today that this post may explode. Either that or my 6 faithful readers (yep. the number has increased) will get bored mid-post because they are on LP+blogger overload.
So here's a list:

1- At family dinner Sunday I completed list item #2 with the camera. So I didn't exactly load the film right, and I annoyed the dinner guests with my snapping, but it was fun and the results are strange and awesome. And I have negatives. Which is a positive. (I need to finally hook up the scanner...better pics of the pics to come.)

2- Added another new spot in Des Moines to my list yesterday. Thanks for to the reformed cheerleader Laura (+ 3 other names) for meeting me for a long overdue lunch at the delicious Bagni di Lucca.

3- Drew up another Macguyver recipe. Prepare to be underwhelmed. (and to not see it until I finish it.)

4- So much travel in the next two weeks my head is spinning. Here's some music for the road.

5- Another DSM adventure tonight. Should make for a fun recap tomorrow.

Any of you have suggestions for a new playlist tool?