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A Love Letter History.

MacGuyver Style Sunday Vol. 1

Dear 27,
As part of the big list I've pledged to make (and document) 27 dinners, most of which will be in my favorite cooking/documenting mode-- MacGuyver Style. A couple weeks ago I mentioned my trek to the Farmer's Market with T-O-M (hi Tom!) where we met Lois the cheese lady. Lois owns Reicherts Dairy Air right here in Iowa and makes the most delish goat cheese.
(I did make the mistake of calling "the girls" the "cows" when T-O-M so kindly introduced me to Lois herself. Not the greatest of first impressions.)  

Despite my big mix up, Lois shared a bit about the assortment of cheeses she sells at the Farmer's Market, including the exclusive Robiola that can only be found through Lois or in Italy.  At her stand Lois offers visitors samples of all the varieties she has that day and when we arrived, her stock was nearly sold out! I went to the Market specifically for the Basil Feta and walked away with one of the last blocks of this amazing cheese.

With Lois' feta in hand- I crafted up my first of 27 dinners...let's hope I cook more than that this year, but it's a start.

Here's vol. 1 of MacGuyver Style Sunday:

(ps- Happy birthday.)