Got Rocked'toberfest.

Dear 27,
Weekend of too-awesome began with a tour of some of the coolest spots in Des Moines' East Village. Then there was a visit to Market Day! (Where I got to catch up with the super-cool-blog-celeb Jen and talk to Danelle about some custom goods from the old couch-- can't wait!)
Got this ring. Love it. Old buttons are the coolest. Wish I could remember this gal's name. I'm pretty bummed I don't. Then the Oktoberfest began.
Jenni and I took our poem very seriously. The final sweetness was pressed into the German beer. A whole lot of final sweetness.
There were lots of hats involved. And great company. And stories about cops in Ottumwa.
Thanks to my loyal readers and completely photogenic Oktoberfest partners.