XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

You wear more vests than the cast of blossom.

Dear 27,
Last night I hosted the Dinner Party (I determined that a "dinner party" is truly defined by the number of "chairs" you have and can potentially fit around your dinner table), but not just any party, a Casserole Party.
Thanks to Jen and Elyse for the Tater Tot Casserole recipe and Paula Deen for the Corn (and butter) Casserole. There were drinks and macaroons and a whole bunch of pumpkin bars. In addition to friendship bracelets, jokes and lively conversation. We were really on a casse-roll (it's probably the 14th time I've made that joke and it really never stops being funny.)
The plan was to hit up StageWest's Scriptease and hear the free read through of the original script of the Casserole Brigade, but as 7pm neared and the hotly anticipated Britney episode of Glee began, we settled on sticking around to gawk at John Stamos. (It was determined that the pop princess looks a little aged. Or less done up than she was circa 2002.) 
 Thanks Karen, Sara, Jenni and Brianne for attending the first LP dinner party of the Fall (or maybe ever).
In other news, my friend and blogger Calee highlighted my little love letter on her blog today! Thanks Calee and be sure to check out all of what she crafts-- you'll be dazzled.
"the list"LAURAComment