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A Love Letter History.

Most of what was said was simply unfit for print.

Dear 27,
I'm not sure I'm a scotch fan. I love butterscotch sundaes from Dairy Queen. I have played hopscotch (a truly pointless game). But this week I sample the real stuff. Scotch that cost more than most of the shoes I own. And wore plaid.
Thanks to Tim, about 10 of us gathered for a what seemed to be a semi-formal scotch tasting. There was a circle of people in jackets, some tweed, there were glass tumblers, there were Anchorman references and a map of Scotland. It was certainly the best, and only, scotch tasting I've even been to.
Here's the details on the spirits:
 *   Auchenstoshan "three wood" - $57.49. From the Lowlands region. 
 *   Craggenmore 12-year "distiller's edition" - $80. From Speyside.
Highland Park 18 year - $95. Highlands region. 
There was lots of talk of the "finish," the "nose" of the scotch, what water does to open up the flavor and whether or not the scotch was chewy. I definitely learned a lot. And made a few new friends-- in part due to my homemade breadsticks.
My favorite scotch of the night was the Auchentoshan. It had more of a bourbon flavor (with something like toffee notes, a caramel color and a long finish...or however the official tasters would describe it.)

Great Scotch-- it was a fun night.
Looking forward to the second ISLAY club night. This time I'll drink more water.
"des moines"LAURAComment