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A Love Letter History.

27 and a half.

Dear 27,
Six months into this blog, this list, this year of life and I'm celebrating.
(With a cake I baked myself. From flour and not a Pilsbury box. Also. I am no good at frosting. Cool the cake first. Baking takes patience.)
This year has been full of firsts. So much newness and adventure-documenting, that at times, I've even impressed myself. (That statement will be criticized by "blog lesson #1" shortly.)

In celebration of my 100th post and my half birthday and my 6 months of loyal blogging--
Here are a few things I've learned:
  1. A blog is an exercise in vanity, true. But it can also be a way to connect with people, a way to have a little life history written, and a hell-of-a-way to get yourself to try doing cool and exciting things. (If for no other reason that to make for an interesting post.)
  2. Lists motivate, infuriate, and excite. This particular one has added more stress and joys to my normal existence than I ever thought possible.
  3. I'm full of strength. I have the ability to make use of nearly all of the 24 hours in a day. But most importantly, I overuse parenthesis. 
  4. Nonsensical blog titles are the best. 
  5. I can bake. If I pay attention. Actually, if I pay attention I tend to be better at most things.
  6. Des Moines (and my life in general) are filled with extraordinary people who will road trip with you to a concert on a Tuesday, tell you the Manhattan you mixed was great even if it was terrible and remind you there's list items to complete while sending suggestions of how to do so. My friends are fantastic. 
  7. I have 6 months left to read over 20 books. In the time I've spent blogging about my lack of reading, I surely could have finished at least 2 books.
My love letter continues. Thank you for reading along. 
Here's a little song of appreciation. 
Happy 27.5!
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