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A Love Letter History.

Best of 2010: A mixtape exchange.

Dear 27,
The long awaited interactive blog post. See the rules below.

Here are the rules (in list form of course):
1- Email me at xo.lp.blog@gmail.com your address by January 8th if you'd like to participate.
2- Put together your favorite tracks of 2010 (don't worry, not everyone needs to spend as much time as this guy did on it, but you should feel lucky to receive his master mix.)
    2a- One song per artist please (I know you loooooove Train but pick your favorite track, then follow the New Pornographers, then Katy Perry...you get what I mean.)
    2b- Shoot for at least 60 minutes of best-of-2010 tunes. 
3- Burn your mixtape on a CD. While cassettes are cooler, who still has a stereo that plays tapes?
4- I will match you up with a mixtape buddy. You'll get an email from me (xo.lp.blog@gmail.com) with the name and address of this buddy.
5- Send out your (carefully packaged) best-of-2010 mixtape to your super pumped buddy by January 27th.

Bonus: Send me the list of your playlist's tracks. I will post them, with your creative 2010 mixtape exchange title, here!

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