XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

From Yesvember to December.

Dear 27,
I've been quite the delinquent blogger as of late. I'd like to attribute this lack of posting to my active quest to knock off every item on the Yesvember list. I did get to see the Princemen rock All in the Family on Saturday night-- Go Kathy!
But truthfully, other than the dance party on Fleur to the tunes of 60s and 70s rock n roll, November ended with a weekend of Veronica Mars, severe sinus congestion medications, a whole bunch of sleeping and an overdose of orange pineapple juice. So the finale weekend of my mid-year challenge was less-than-productive, but I still managed to axe many items off my ambitious list of 27.

1-  Send 27 postcards.

2-  Create my font.
4-  Vote.
5-  Enjoy Mary Poppins.
8-  Read DRIVE.
9-  Take my picture with a mountain.
10- Finally see that movie alone.
11- Peek inside the Basilica of St. John.
12- Host a themed dinner party.
14- Walk across the Center Street Bridge.
16- Participate in a human pyramid.
17- Go to a Bucs game.
18- Make a dazzling dish for Family Thanksgiving.
19- Find Templeton Rye. Order a manhattan.
21- Read another book.
22- See Da Vinci @ SCI.
23- World Run Day.
24- Gray's Lake.
25- Eat at the Flying Mango.
26- Try a day of plan-free rest.
27- Annual LP handmade holiday cards.
December, even without a list, will be one busy month. More blogging. More items checked off the big list. More reading. And, more funny*.  One more thing-- saw Daniel Pink speak at Des Moines' hometown University tonight and he knocked my socks off. I even came home and celebrated the success of the evening.

While his book was good, it was his lecture, his candor and his uncommon use of the word "exquisite" that made motivation come to life.
Hope you had much to be thankful for this November. I know I did.

*For those of you who don't think anything has been that funny so far at least the bar has been set low. I hope to impress you with my wit. Stay tuned for funny. I have 5.6 months left to cause lol. (That's lots of laughs.)