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A Love Letter History.

George is here to talk about what?

Dear 27,
So you might have heard of Templeton Rye. You know that highly sought after, impossible to find rye whiskey made right here in Iowa? Well Centro (said Ch-en-t-ro according to the experts) hosted a special Templeton Rye dinner and while tickets were snatched up quickly, a few friends and I managed to be seated at table 3 to enjoy the festivities.
Upon arrival, we were given a Templeton poker chip (which I promptly lost in my bag) to enjoy a pre-dinner cocktail of the "good stuff." Once Al Capone's whiskey of choice, Templeton Rye is surely hard to find after the release of their fourth batch. Even Muscatine has a waiting list and our hosts noted it was difficult to find enough bottles to put together the dinner that evening. Once seated dinner service began. Each course was paired with a special Templeton cocktail created special for the evening. 

 Overall the meal, and the company I shared it with, was terrific. The drinks were quite tasty, particularly the cider-like "Rye-Orchard" (I was informed by my friends that the drink was poured over a lit match into the bitty glass it was served in. That's cool.) and the cherry-sage reduction made the third drink feel a little like an herbal Manhattan. The scallop dish was incredible. I'm telling you Templeton squash puree might be one of the greatest things I've ever tasted.
Once the meal had ended we freestyle walked our way to a night cap at the Cosmo Lounge where we finished the evening with geometry puns, editable content and plans for Scotch Club round two. Four courses. Five drinks. New friends. Old jokes.
Thanks for a super evening Centro and Templeton.

**Bonus. Heard this song while driving today in CA. Hooray for Rye Whiskey.**