XO-LP // Laura Palmer

A Love Letter History.

There's hype surrounding it.

Dear 27,
THIS JUST IN-- there really is actual HYPE. (The title was meant to be funny. And slightly untrue. I mean 25 participants was cool, but the mixtape list keeps growing! With more than one person talking about this, I think I can actually consider the exchange legit.) Read more on The Nerdist, Perfect Porridge and Give Me Electro. Now all this exchange needs is Rob Sheffield.
Only about 24 hours left to send an email to xo.lp.blog@gmail.com and be a part of the ever-growing list of mixtape exchange participants. (Emails with your buddy's name and address come out on Saturday.)
Sign up. Send it to your friends. Mix a delightful playlist. It'll be fun.

The Rules:
(Sign ups for the 2010 mixtape exchange have closed.)

With the help of a few mega-cool bloggers, my lil blog and this mixtape madness have seen quite a bit of traffic this week. Over 95 people have signed up to participate-- THANK YOU!

Be sure to send your carefully packaged mixtape (in CD form of course) by January 27th. Don't forget to include a list of the tracks you deemed the greatest of 2010. All buddies were chosen randomly and you will receive a mixtape from a different person (you will not be technically "exchanging" with someone, it increases the suspense.)

Other details:
1- Please send me a copy of your playlist you send out! I'll put together a "best of the best of" list to post on my blog.
2- Feel free to snap a picture of your mixtape playlist, the rad package it came in, or you enjoying your new tunes and post it to the flickr group created here: http://www.flickr.com/groups/2010mixtape/ 
3- If you want to tweet about your mix (so we can all see what you're working on) use this: #bestof2010mix
4- Email me with any questions or problems you encounter.
5- Don't forget to send your mixtape with care (a CD will likely break if not packaged kindly.) Be sure to send your mix to your buddy by January 27th.

Happy mixing. Thanks for making this exchange a bigtime success!

Check out this article from Psychology Today that talks about how your music preferences can tell a lot about your personality!
(Thanks to Jill of On Pitch Media for the link).